This is a sample instruction page from the CD. All figures have step by step written instructions illustrated with lots of pictures!

Jokie de Prrretneus
This happy looking fellow can be found in my favorite themepark, The Efteling.
Balloons needed : 2 260Q red; 2 260Q yellow; 1 260Q pink; 1 260Q black;
1 350Q red;
1 321Q pink;
1 5" round white.
Inflate the tip of a yellow 260Q, and tie to an inflated red 260Q.
Using a balloon straw, make a deep hook twist so the yellow tip is marriage twisted to the red 260Q.
Repeat this and lock the 2 red 260Q's together, be sure to catch the knots from the hook twist in the lock.
Drop a little raisin inside a pink 321Q and inflate.
Inflate the tip of a red 350Q for the nose.
Grab the raisin and tie the nose to it.
Under inflate the white 5" round and split in half.
And attach at the nose.
From a black 260Q make 2 loop twists and a pinch twist for shoes.
Take the top of the pink 321Q and tie to the spot where the 2 red 260Q's are locked.
Take the tip of the 321Q and lock it together with the 2 red 260Q's.
Like this.
From the remainder of the red 260Q's make a 4 bubble body. Taking 2 bubbles from each red balloon.
And tie/lock together. If you got any red balloon remaining, deflate and tie off.
With the peace of red 350Q you got left, tie a loop around the hooktwists so that they are aligned together. Shape the hook twists like you see on the picture.
From the pink 260Q make these hands. They are a bubble, followed by a 2 bubble locktwist and a pinch twist. The peace between the 2 hands is about 4 inch wide. Jokie has no arms and no legs so the hands just have to stick just outside the body.
Insert the hands between the body and insert the feet at the bottom of the body.
Draw on features and there he is, ready to spread fun around the world!