This is a sample instruction page from the CD. All figures have step by step written instructions illustrated with lots of pictures!

Antenna Hat
This little hat was the first thing I shared with twisters. I did this antenna hat on the Eurojam 1999 video. Being around other balloon people is the best way to learn new stuff. At balloon conventions there are lots and lots of other balloon people, so you learn lots and lots. And besides that, you will have a great time there!
Balloons needed : 1 260Q white; 1 260Q spring lilac; 1 260Q hot rose
Inflate spring lilac and hot rose balloon leaving a tail like shown on the pictures. tails length of both balloon should be equal. Don't tie your knot tight!
Twist of a bubble in each and lock together.
In one of the balloons make a pinch twist that will be the nose.
Make a loop that will fit around a person's head.
If you roll your loose knot, the remaining balloon is not tight anymore. and you can cut and discard those unused portions a bit more easily. Cut off loose ends.
Inflate a white balloon just enough to make a set of eyes. Tie a knot on both ends of the bubble and twist in half
Push the eyes on the nose to the back of the head.
Tie together and off excess tail.
Push eyeballs between the nose and antenna's to the front.
Create poodle tails
Draw on features
And voila, I am instant better looking wearing this fun and simple hat.